Final Task Assignment of Penulisan Proposal dan Artikel Ilmiah DIL Undip (28 May 2021)

  • This final task assignment is in the form of preparing a Scientific Paper for Publishing in journal using MS Word. The scientific paper could be prepared in English or Indonesian.
  • The section structure of the paper should be: Title, Name of Author, Affiliation institutions, Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, References. The items must be included in each section can be guided in the book of Publication Manual of the APA, Sixth Edition (2013) Section 2 and/or other lecture materials.
  • In the paper, it must contain references or citations to important literatures sourced from international / national scientific journal articles, books, and / or a dissertation. How to make references / citations, you must use the Mendeley or Zotero application (with the Harvard system). Bibliography is written using the automatic feature of Mendeley (or other Reference Manager, like Zotero) with the Harvard system format.
  • Pictures in the form of graphs must contain graphs of the results of data processing using the ORIGIN graphics processing application (Multiple Y Graphics). The charts should include: XY charts (single Y), multi Y charts: XYY charts, XY-YY charts, and XYY (middle) -Y charts, and X-YY-Y (middle) -YY charts, or others .
  • The figures must also contain graphs of the results of data processing using the ORIGIN graphics processing application and are the results of the CURVE FITTING model on experimental data which includes: models that already exist in Origin, AND models made by themselves (Custom Model), and completed with R2 and ANOVA data.
  • Figures and tables and equations must also contain the results of the Design of Experiment (DOE) – Response Surface Methodology (RSM) using Statistica (at least two independent variables and one dependent variable), including: surface curves, contour curves, curves Pareto chart, regression equation results, ANOVA table and its interpretation, or using other modeling analysis like SPSS if possible.
  • This Assignments should be collected by uploading an MS Word document (.docx), where the file name contains information on the student’s full name and NIM). Note: You will only have one chance to upload an assignment file, so make sure that the uploaded assignment file is correct. URL for assignment submission here:
  • Submission/Uploading the assignments file by: Saturday, June 19th, 2021 at 16.00 WIB

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